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Staff Training and Education

The skills and knowledge of staff, which includes mahouts, veterinarians, camp managers, and government officers, are Important for good elephant welfare, captive management, handling and training.

To improve the knowledge and skills of mahouts, KHS/CSNC regularly conducts meetings and hands-on training with mahouts to improve their skills about elephant behaviour, daily care procedures, as well as training and management techniques. This includes how to train the elephants for specific care and medical procedures, such as blood sampling, foot care, mouth inspection, and ultrasound checks. The trainings are done so that these procedures can be conducted easily and without stress for the animals.

In collaboration with the Wildlife Ambulance from the Syiah Kuala Veterinary Faculty, training is conducted for veterinary students and young veterinarians about all basic aspects of medical care in elephants.

Information and education is provided for elephant managers, zoo curators, and government officials in the conservation agencies about the needs for welfare in captive elephant management and captive elephant breeding programs.

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