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Forest Fire Fighting

ERU team fighting the fire inside the WKNP. Photo: KHS/CSNC

Forest fires occur frequently in the WKNP, especially in the dry season, and threaten large parts of the WKNP. Mostly the fires are caused by humans. This happens because perpetrators of illegal activities inside the NP throw away burning cigarette butts, not properly extinguish fires set up for cooking at resting places, and some fires are lit intentionally to chase wildlife to become easy prey.

When detecting forest fires during their patrols the ERU teams immediately start firefighting and report the fires to the WKNP headquarters and the WKNP firefighting unit. Smaller fires can mostly be extinguished by the ERU teams using basic devices such as paddles, branches, water sprayer, and shovels. For extinguishing large fires the ERU teams work with the WKNP forest fire unit who has more manpower and additional equipment such as firefighting trucks.

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