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Seblat Tourism Nature Reserve (TNR)

The Seblat Taman Wisata Alam TWA (Nature Tourism Reserve) encompasses 7.732,8 hectares and is located on the bank of the Seblat River in the administrative regencies of Bengkulu Utara and Kabupaten Mukomuko in the northern part of the province of Bengkulu. It was officially established in 2013. However in 1992 this former production forest had already been allocated as the home for the Bengkulu Elephant Conservation Center to house elephants that were captured following incidents of Human–Elephant Conflict in Bengkulu Province.

Most of the area of the TWA Seblat, lays at an altitude between ± 56 – 113 m above sea-level and is covered with older secondary evergreen forest; it is an important reservoir for wildlife, functioning as part of the home range for several critically endangered large animals such as Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers, Malayan tapir, and more than 80 bird species, including two endangered Hornbill species inhabit this area.

To date the TWA Seblat is home to the Bengkulu Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) which operates a Conservation Response Unit (CRU). Since 2016 KHS supports the provincial conservation agency, BKSDA Bengkulu, for the sustainable and effective operation of the Seblat CRU.

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